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KARIM PANZETTA Releases His Debut Single “HOME“
KP is the trademark pseudonym of singer, songwriter and performer Karim Panzetta.  Musically, KP is inspired by a cornucopia of musical genres ranging from Pop, R&B and EDM. Karim is multi-talented artist who writes his own lyrics, and produces his own music. He was also in the modeling business from 2013 until 2020, under contract with a renowned New York-based agency.
During the pandemic, whilst many musicians had to take a break in their musical goals and objectives, KP used this time to focus on writing, recording and producing songs, as well as expanding his studio to enhance his creativity. The musical output turned out to be a mega thing very quickly. In the course of two years, KP wrote and produced over 300 song layouts.
KP belongs to a new generation of DIY artists. In January this year, KP recorded his debut album, Underwater, with Grammy-nominated US producer Riley Urick. “Home, “ is the first single from the forthcoming debut full-length and will be released worldwide on April 14, 2023. Home” is a highly emotional pop single, which deals with the topic of longing for the great true love.

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